Audience Reaction

~SMART, RELEVANT, ENTERTAINING, WELL CAST AND INTERESTING! BRAVA. You should be proud. Every part of the show looked good, from the sets, make-up, and yourselves. Very natural and the topics were interesting. I appreciated the humor as much as the serious content.


~Wow! Excellent new shows. Especially loved your Soto Mayor episode....Bulls-eye!


~You 4 ladies are super-entertaining and super-informative -- which I truly admire.


~Congrats!!!! It was about time to have a talk show with intelligent Latinas.
Love the variety of topics. No need to be a downer all the time (although that's our unfortunate truth). Mix it up, that's good.
Informative but entertaining.You all look great! Lively but not over the top. That adds credibility to the 'talk'.

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