Dead Beat Dads: Spreading the Seed But Forgetting to Water!

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:24 PM

     Last year there was such an uproar about the OctoMom - granted, for my taste she had 7 kids too many, but what about the OctoDads? Those guys who help create one or more children and then completely neglect their financial responsabilities. What is even more confounding is that youand I, are paying taxes to support these children through Welfare and Social Services, while these Dads continue to party, date, and live as bachelors; they only want to "visit" their children, while letting the Moms do all the work!


     NOTE TO MEN: Breaking-up or Divorce does not mean you no longer are financially responsible for the children you bring into this world and that the custodial parent gets to pick up the financial/emotional/childcare/schooling tab all alone. How can this problem be solved? I believe I have the solution.


     Instead of planning a Baby Shower, when a couple discovers they are pregnant whether they are married or not, they should be encouraged to sell whatever possessions they have and start a "Baby Fund". This fund will provide for the child's pediatrician, clothing, food, childcare, etc. If the parents decide to stay together, great, the child is covered; If the parents decide to divorce, great, the child is still covered!


Who knows, for a big party guy, just the thought of having to sell his caror boat or home to create the "Baby Fund" may serve as the best deterrent to unprotected sex we've ever had! Also, since the "BabyFund" will be exclusively for the child, there would be no need to throw enormous amounts of money at the courts and attorneys to get the things the fund would be set up for in the first place.


     I believe our society has tolerated the Deadbeat Dads (and Deadbeat Moms,for that matter) far too long. Any parent, man or woman, that naively believes a child can grow up on his own and the other parent should"just get over it" obviously had parents that leave a lot to be desired.


     Also there are too many children growing up Over-mothered and Under-fathered- a child is worthy of the love of two parents and the best of both parents, not the worst, period! And on a practical side, no matter howmany court orders for child support are given by a judge, can orders for child support really be enforced? Considering that there are men who owe child support in the hundred thousands, in my humble opinion,this system isn't working very well.


   A child needs that financial support WHILE THE CHILD IS A CHILD, not when they are about to get married!

I'd love to hear what you think!


Suerte Y Sanidad!

Marabina Jaimes

"The Mexi-Rican"

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