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L'Oreal Alma Awards Contest Info

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:33 PM Comments comments (2)

     I'm thrilled that I'll be able to bring you all access, behind the scenes coverage from the ALMA AWARDS, tomorrow night, Thursday September 17, from 6:00pm on. I'll be getting the full beauty and style scoop from the L'OREAL make-up artist who will be touching up all your favorite stars!

     Here's achance to win some L'OREAL beauty and hair products of your own! After you tune in to the ALMA AWARDS broadcast on Friday, September 18th onABC, go to the ALMA AWARDS BLOG and click on the Comment Link. Your answer to the following questions could make you a winner!:

1 - What is your favorite L'Oreal beauty product and why?

2 - Who was the hottest looking celeb at the 2009 Alma Awards?

Contest ends September 19. Make sure to include your email address when you go the ALMA AWARDS Blog, in case you get lucky! Winners will be notified September 23.


Marabina Jaimes

The Mexi-Rican

Co host, Latin Heat's "Let's Talk!"

Let's Talk! Set to Blog Direct From the Alma Awards

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:31 PM Comments comments (0)

     Its official! I'll be bringing you the behind-the-scenes Glamour (RedCarpet all the way!), Style (How to recreate the Hottest Make-uptrends), Fashion (who's wearing what?), and Chisme ( He/Shedidn't!) as it happens live from the Alma Awards, hosted by Eva Longoria Parker and George Lopez, on behalf of the beauty maker that thinks we're worth it: L'OREAL. Follow my blog live from the Alma Awards on Thursday, September 17, 2009. 5 of our lucky blog followers who comment on this blog just might win a L'OREAL gift basket! Then,tune in to The Alma Awards Broadcast on ABC, Friday, September 18th!


     For more information on the confirmed celebrities attending, visit the Alma Awards blog.



Marabina Jaimes

The Mexi-Rican

Co-host, Latin Heat's "Let's Talk"

Welcome! & Imagen Award Winning Host

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:28 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi All!

     Thanks for joining our blog. I'm very excited about it and very new to this so still trying to figure out if I'm going to likeblogging. I know some people love, ...we'll see.


     This past weekend was amazing!! Both Bel and I WON an IMAGEN AWARD for '8 Ways To Say I Love My Life And Mean It!' - Best Live Theatrical Production. Bel was one of the writers and I was one of the actresses in this amazing piece.


Here's a picture of me showing off the award!

Dead Beat Dads: Spreading the Seed But Forgetting to Water!

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:24 PM Comments comments (0)

     Last year there was such an uproar about the OctoMom - granted, for my taste she had 7 kids too many, but what about the OctoDads? Those guys who help create one or more children and then completely neglect their financial responsabilities. What is even more confounding is that youand I, are paying taxes to support these children through Welfare and Social Services, while these Dads continue to party, date, and live as bachelors; they only want to "visit" their children, while letting the Moms do all the work!


     NOTE TO MEN: Breaking-up or Divorce does not mean you no longer are financially responsible for the children you bring into this world and that the custodial parent gets to pick up the financial/emotional/childcare/schooling tab all alone. How can this problem be solved? I believe I have the solution.


     Instead of planning a Baby Shower, when a couple discovers they are pregnant whether they are married or not, they should be encouraged to sell whatever possessions they have and start a "Baby Fund". This fund will provide for the child's pediatrician, clothing, food, childcare, etc. If the parents decide to stay together, great, the child is covered; If the parents decide to divorce, great, the child is still covered!


Who knows, for a big party guy, just the thought of having to sell his caror boat or home to create the "Baby Fund" may serve as the best deterrent to unprotected sex we've ever had! Also, since the "BabyFund" will be exclusively for the child, there would be no need to throw enormous amounts of money at the courts and attorneys to get the things the fund would be set up for in the first place.


     I believe our society has tolerated the Deadbeat Dads (and Deadbeat Moms,for that matter) far too long. Any parent, man or woman, that naively believes a child can grow up on his own and the other parent should"just get over it" obviously had parents that leave a lot to be desired.


     Also there are too many children growing up Over-mothered and Under-fathered- a child is worthy of the love of two parents and the best of both parents, not the worst, period! And on a practical side, no matter howmany court orders for child support are given by a judge, can orders for child support really be enforced? Considering that there are men who owe child support in the hundred thousands, in my humble opinion,this system isn't working very well.


   A child needs that financial support WHILE THE CHILD IS A CHILD, not when they are about to get married!

I'd love to hear what you think!


Suerte Y Sanidad!

Marabina Jaimes

"The Mexi-Rican"

Let's Talk; Hablando Se Entiende La Gente!

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:19 PM Comments comments (0)

     Welcome to the conversation! I hope you are enjoying "Let's Talk" and please tell us what you think and what you would like to hear more about. The ability to dialogue and express ourselves is of utmost importance.Words have tremendous word can change a person's life - forgood...or for therapy!


     Speaking of therapy....there's nothing like going to the Hollywood Bowl to lift our spirits. I'm an avid music fan and adore the fact that the music of the whole globe is represented on the stage at the Bowl! I recently saw Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Adele, Sergio Mendes, China's piano sensation Lang Lang playing opposing pianos with the amazing Herbie Hancock, backed by the LA Philharmonic! What a night! If you haven't lately, please do yourself a favor and check out for upcoming concerts including the Inaugural Concert of our new LA Phil Conductor, Venezolano Gustavo Dudamel. Pack a lovely dinner basket along with your sweetheart, the kids, in-laws, or friends, and enjoy anight of music under the stars!

     And speaking of stars, you never know who you'll find at the Bowl - America Ferrer? Halle Berry? Morgan Freeman....mmmmm, for more check out "Let'sTalk" during CHISME.....

     Congrats to my fellow co-hosts, Bel Hernandez and Kikey Castillo, along with Real Women Have Curves author Josefina Lopez, for the recent IMAGEN AWARD for "8 Ways To Say You Love Your Life And Mean It! A book will be coming out soon but don't miss the next Theatrical production of this might find yourself on stage!

     Zumba anyone? I absolutely love this fun workout and for the next few monthsmy co-hosts and I (well maybe just Bel and Kikey...instead of Zumba,Dyanna will be catching some ZZZZZZ's), will be Zumba-ing down to our original weight...8 pounds and 7 ounces...just kidding! Beto Perez fromColombia created this international exercise craze and I'd like to thank Linda Lopez for a "Hot, Hot, Hot" Saturday morning class, and one of my favorite people, Dora Solinas, for beckoning to "stop working out and join the party!" I don't know much, but this I do, "nadie te quitalo bailado!"

     You can talk, but can you Golf? We'll see about that one! In any case Kikey and I have accepted Candy Saenz gracious invitation to the South Bay Latino Chamber of Commerce's Celebrity Golf Tournament, September 25th.It's an empowering cause and we'll do our best, Candy!

     Finally,I'll be performing again with my friend, Armand St. Martin from New Orleans, at the Long Beach Lobster Festival on September 12th, 2009. Ifyou like lobster, fun, and you want to see Armand make the keys danceon the piano, you are in for a treat! Also, stay tuned for my own CD release in December, featuring the theme song for "Let's Talk".

Ciao for now

Marabina Jaimes

"The Mexi-Rican"

Let The Conversation Begin!

Posted by letstalkshow on September 27, 2009 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Thanks for joining the Ladies from Let's Talk! 


We want to talk to YOU!


We hope you enjoy Let's Talk!, our internet talk show.  What you haven't seen it?  Well take a look at our promo here: Let's Talk Promo



This is just our promo, but check out all episodes on  We welcome your comments on anything you heard or saw on the show. Suggest a topic, give us a thumbs up, or down, or just plain give us a piece of your mind.


Bel Hernandez

Executive Producer

Let's Talk!


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