Getting in shape for the Imagen Awards with Latinas Bodies in Motion Boot Camp workout

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Day 1 down, day 2 today. Alright Jesse, I challenge you to actually help me shed a few pounds and tone up in 3 weeks time.  I’ve been going to the gym for years and I’m a natural born athlete,  so can you deliver on the promises of Boot Camp Fitness? Day 1 was a bit of a challenge, but I’m already in decent shape, so it wasn’t that grueling, how will you challenge me today? BRING IT! LOL. 



I have to admit that I really enjoyed Jesse Estevez’s bootcamp style of training.  I didn’t get bored, which I often do going to the gym, I had friends to work out with, which I never do at the gym and his drill sergeant training was just right for me…not too mean and not too nice.  Jesse actually pushed me hard but in an encouraging way, I like that!  Tonight he’s giving me my nutrition plan personally customized for me.  I think I just may eat my words; this might actually do the trick at whooping my butt into better shape that it already is.   




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      Hear the names John Edwards, David Letterman, and Tiger Woods and what do you think?  CHEATERS!  "Awkward and disingenius apology" also comes to mind...

     There is no doubt that the discovery of a cheating partner is a huge blow to a woman's concept of trust, respect, and self-esteem.  And without a doubt, when the cheater comes to his senses and realizes what he's about to lose (or how much money this little faux paux is going to cost him) the road to recovery/apology is awkward, to say the least.  However, when infidelity happens in a family, few consider the long lasting impact infidelity has on the children.

We had a chance to interview charming Clinical Psychologist and Domestic Abuse Counselor, Dr. Ana Nogales on LET'S TALK, and we're sure you'll find this upcoming segment interesting, informative, and empowering.  Besides authoring, "Parents Who Cheat", a book we highly recommend, Dr. Nogales has also penned the play, "Don't Call Me Baby" that opens in March at Josefina Lopez's CASA 101.  Hope to see you at the opening!          

     PLEASE JOIN THE CONVERSATION!  On behalf of my co-hosts, Bel, Dyana, and Kikey, I invite you to talk to us!  LET'S TALK, the show with the Latina POV, wants to hear from you!  Go to LETSTALKSHOW.TV and send us your most outrageous infidelity story (or infidelity apology) for a chance to win a beautiful flower arrangement by Maribel's Garden.



The Mexi-Rican 

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