Bel Hernandez ~ Host/Executive Producer

Bel Hernandez-Castillo is President and CEO of Latin Heat Media, LLC, a multi-media company whose main focus is the production of high quality, profitable content focused on the U.S. Latino market.

In 1992 Ms. Hernandez-Castillo founded Latin Heat magazine, the only English-language entertainment trade magazine focused on the needs of Latino entertainment professional.  Now on the web ( Latin Heat also produces a subscription-based weekly newsletter and a quarterly digital magazine.

As a specialist in Latino entertainment she has spoken at, and/or consulted for, The NCLR ALMA Awards, The Hollywood Reporter, Miller Brewing Company, Moviemaker Magazine, Oscar© Night America, National Association of Latino Independent, Mun2 Network, NHMC Impact Awards, The Smithsonian Institute, Portland State Chicano Scholarship Gala, Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, Arizona State University, Cal State LA and Reel Rasquache Art and Film Festival, among others.

Ms. Hernandez-Castillo’s pioneering work has been featured in a variety of outlets including: NPR Radio, CNN, American Latino TV Show, The Hollywood Reporter, Moviemaker Magazine, Vogue, and Latina Magazine.  Her life story is also featured in the book Careers in Entertainment, Career Role Models for Young Adults from Mitchell Lane Publishers.

For six years Ms. Hernandez-Castillo served on the board of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Awards, which honor excellence in radio, television, and documentaries.  She has the distinction being the first Latina Chairperson in the history of the Board.

Latin Heat Media is currently executive producing the first and only, English-language TV talk show, Let’s Talk! with a Latina perspective. Ms. Hernandez-Castillo is one of the four hosts. Further Latin Heat Media production includes a short film The Last Angry Brown Hat written by actor/producer Enrique Castillo and a TV series Warriors of the Sun featuring the heroism of the over 40 Latino Congressional medal of honor recipients.

Ms. Castillo-Hernandez is also one of the authors of the soon to be published anthology 8 Ways to Say I Love My Life, excerpts of which were presented in a theatrical production which was awarded an Imagen Award for Best Live Theatrical Presentation.

Dyana Ortelli ~ The Last Angry Chicana

"I got tired of playing Mexican maids and prostitutes, so I changed my name to Dyana Ortelli; now I play Italian maids and prostitutes"

Wild, wacky and outrageous, actress-comedienne Dyana Ortelli is one of the most visible and outspoken Latinas in Hollywood. A native of Mexico, Ortelli was most recently seen guest starring in Saving Grace, with Holly Hunter. She recently wrapped production on Food Stamps, a feature film comedy directed by Alfredo Ramos and was a featured guest star in Latinolouges at the Hayworth Theater. She is most often recognized for her role as Dora, Larry David's housekeeper on the award-winning HBO series, Curb you Enthusiasm and for her portrayal as outrageous fashion designer, Irene in the groundbreaking film, Luminarias - the Latino Waiting to Exhale.

Ortelli also appeared in the first Spanish language telenovela produced in Los Angeles, Te Amare en Silencio, and had recurring roles on Nickleodeon's Brothers Garcia and Lizzie McGuire on ABC.

One of Hollywood's pioneers, she has appeared in some of the best known Latino-themed films including Three Amigos, La Bamba, Born in East L.A. and American Me.

Ortelli has earned a name for herself as well in the world of stand-up comedy. She has been featured in Comedy Compadres, Funny is Funny, and Que Locos and has recorded two comedy CD Hot & Spicy Mamitas of Comedy and Latina Queens of Comedy - the only Latina with two comedy records...and no police record.

Ortelli was recently honored by the City of Los Angeles for her contributions to the Latino community and is featured in the city's prestigious Latinos in Hollywood photographic exhibit. She also received a Latino Spirit Award from the California State Assembly. Her dream is to host a unique and wacky talk show and to increase and improve the image of Latinos in the entertainment industry.

Ortelli has been featured in Vista L.A., City View, KTLA Morning Show, Edicion Especial, Al Dia Con Maria Conchita, CNN en Espanol, Mi Gente/My People, Hispanic Magazine, Que Linda, Latina Magazine, People en Espanol, The Los Angeles Times, Estylo, Oye Magazine, Latin Style Magazine, L.S. Weekly and Latin Heat.

Naibe Reynoso ~ The Journalist

Emmy winning journalist Naibe Reynoso’s multilingual background includes investigative reporting, TV production and Entertainment/Lifestyle reporting. A graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with emphasis on Psychology, Reynoso began her TV career before graduation, working as an intern for Univision’s KMEX Channel 34 in Los Angeles.

She then moved on to Warner Bros. where, for 2 years, she worked as a production assistant on Step by Step and The Drew Carey Show where she was featured with the entire production staff on an Episode of the OprahShow.

 In 1995, Naibe joined the staff of KWHY Los Angeles as a producer and host of a live Spanish educational children’s show named "Chiquitran". By 1997 Naibe took on the position of KWHY TV’s Entertainment Anchor/ Reporter where she interviewed high-profile celebrities, attended press junkets, awards shows and anchored a nightly entertainment segment for the 10pm newscast.

 In 2000 Naibe became part of a start-up team for 24-hour Spanish language cable TV station Mas Arizona in Phoenix, AZ. While there she created and hosted two weekly entertainment/talk shows, Mas Exitos and Café N. Naibe went on to win a Best Talent Emmy for her work on Mas Exitos.

 Naibe moved to Denver in 2002 to accept the position of Reporter/Fill-In Anchor on KWGN TV’s WB News. She remained there until late 2003 when she was asked to audition for the position of co-host on ABC TV’s The View. The audition took place live on October 9 & 10, 2003. While the co-host position was eventually filled by another candidate, Naibe caught the attention of Radiovisa Corporation, a 24-hour Spanish Talk Radio Network.

In March 2004, Naibe joined Radiovisa’s Gerardo Por La Mañana morning show team as co-host and news anchor. The show is aired on Los Angeles radio station 830 AM KMXE and wass syndicated nationwide. She also began co-hosting "Al Filo de la Noticia" for KWHY-Channel 22 in 2006. In 2007 she moved on to work as a Freelance journalist for CNN en Espanol, KTLA and Univision.

Most recently Naibe served as a Movie/Entertainment correspondent for Reelz Channel and currently has a weekly radio segment on Caracol Radio in Miami.

She is also a Lifestyle and Entertainment Correspondent for CNN Espanol and her reports on the Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars have been seenWorldwide. 

Kikey Castillo ~ The Recovering Republican

Kikey Castillo grew up in the rural town of Hermiston, Oregon. Her earliest memories were out in the fields picking everything from potatoes to asparagus to cherries. She's proud of her heritage as a migrant worker because it underscores her journey from day laborer to college graduate. Her BA in Communications from the University of Arizona is the first degree ever earned by anyone in her family.

Originally, Kikey's eyes were set on being a CEO in the business world but in college, local theater gave Kikey the acting bug and her new path took her to Hollywood. She performs with award winning theater companies such as Casa 0101, Company of Angels, LATC and Ricardo Montalban. This experience has provided the foundation for her work in TV and Film, helping land roles in movies such as Nick Cassavetes', Alpha Dog.

Kikey is a 2009 Imagen Award winning actress for ‘8 Ways to Say I Love My Life and Mean It!’ – Best Live Theatrical Production.  And is currently, a talk show co-host on ‘Let’s Talk!’ Her other hosting duties include red carpet entertainment hosting for Latin Heat Entertainment and Latino Bud.  She continues her busy acting career in film, TV and on stages around Hollywood.

Finding time to give back to her community, Kikey believes that it is important to balance life ambitions with compassion for others - she is the Spokesperson for ‘What’s In Your Lunch Box’ a non profit organization committed to providing children with Autism and their families in underserved communities with appropriate nutrition and education programs.  She also volunteers with other non-profit organizations such as, the Los Angeles Music & Art School, Much Love Animal Rescue, Young Storytellers, Young Theatreworks, Raising Latino Literacy Campaign and the Latino Book & Family Festival. It is Kikey's hope that people will see no matter what your background is, you can live the American dream and be anything you set your heart to be.

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Let's Talk!

Because It's about Time!!!

Because Oprah Hasn't done it.  

Cristina did it in Spanish.

Tyra didn't even think of doing it  

&  The View? Whose View?

There wasn't a Latina perspective anywhere on daytime TV talk shows  --- we we decided we would just have to do it ourselves. Although we started on the web, this year we premiered a 9 episode season on KJLA local broadcast station in L.A.

Check out our promo and get hooked!!

You can also check out excerpts of our TV show right here as well as our early web shows.  We were on the web first, premiered on TV this year and next year we go national....but we need your help!  

Share our shows with your friends, tweet about it, call your local station and tell them you want our show..

Also if you have ideas for topics, guests, or any "Chisme" (gossip) share it and we will do our best to include in the show.  Use the feedback link to talk to us -- come on, "Let's Talk!

Please help us spread the news about the the first, the original and only English-language talk show with a Latina perspective on TV!

Check out excerpts from our TV Talk show here...and scroll down for our early web shows.

Meet the Ladies From Let's Talk!

“Let's Talk!” With a Latina POV Premieres on TV

A Talk Show Like No Other - Premiere May 12th at 7:30 am on KJLA

Los Angeles, CA – Let’s Talk!, produced by Latin Heat Media makes its broadcast premiere on Thursday, May 12th, 2011 on KJLA. The ground breaking daytime talk show scheduled to air weekly Thursday mornings at its 7:30 AM time slot, gives its audience a fresh, new perspective on universal topics that everyone can relate to.

The English-language talk show featuring four dynamic and opinionated Latinas including Emmy-award winning journalist Naibe Reynoso joins the TV team of hosts; actress-comedienne Dyana Ortelli (Curb Your Enthusiasm); Bel Hernandez, Publisher of Latin Heat, a print and online magazine; and actress and Y-Generation/Green Gal Kikey Castillo is sure to get viewers going first thing in the morning as they prepare to take on the world.

Let’s Talk! has what no other network television talk show has, the English speaking Latina perspective in daytime talk. With the U.S. Latina consumer market at more than 23 million strong and a spending power of $479 billion dollars (Hispanic ventures 2010), it is unclear why this very important consumer group continues to be ignored.

Let’s Talk! television launch will kick-off with a private VIP celebration on May 11th, 2011 at an undisclosed location. Guests will include Let’s Talk! hosts, previous show guests, celebrity friends and sponsors. “We are thrilled to bring our show to the small screen and very excited to celebrate this achievement with everyone that has worked so hard on this project and share this experience with all our friends and supporters,” said Bel Hernandez, Executive Producer of Let’s Talk!.

The Let’s Talk! TV talk show is a celebrity driven talk-fest featuring some of Hollywood’s hottest talent. The Let’s Talk! broadcast premiere episode will feature actor Benito Martinez (The Shield) who shares his career achievements, current and upcoming ...


Los Angeles, CA - On Thursday, November 4, 2010, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, MALDEF hosted the 2010 Los Angeles Awards Gala to pay tribute to the work and achievements of three pioneering individuals for their service and contributions to our community through their lifetime commitment to public service, civil rights and Latin American music respectively. Award winning actress, entertainment journalist and co-host of Let’s Talk!, Kikey Castillo served as the mistress of ceremonies presiding over the evening’s festivities......(Read More)

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